Next Beginner Boxing Courses Begins 14th May 2024

Drop-In To Our Club

Please Note This Option is For First-Time Members ONLY*

Day Pass | Costs €15

Select a preferable date & attend any classes of your choosing from our vast timetable.

The cost of this Day Pass is €15.
*If you are an existing member looking to make a once-off payment, click here.

Class Packages

4-Class Pass


*All 4 classes must be used within 8 days of purchase date.

6-Class Pass


*All 6 classes must be used within 12 days of purchase date.

8-Class Pass


*All 8 classes must be used within 15 days of purchase date.

10-Class Pass


*All 10 classes must be used within 21 days of purchase date.

Have you ever trained with us before?

Well you’re very welcome! 😄

Please click the below link to schedule your first drop-in class:


If you have ever trained with us before, just show-up for class and you can pay on arrival…  😄👊🥊